Publikováno 19 října, 2012 | Autor: Riess Jiří

Lady Leshurr a video „LYEAH“!

Lady Leshurr natočila videoklip k tracku „LYeah“ z jejího, stejně pojmenovaného mixtapu.

Mixtape „LYeah“ vyšel už v srpnu, ale Lady Leshurr ho podporuje novým klipem. povedlo se nám k němu sehnat i text, tak si můžete přečíst její lyrics! Jinak mixtape si můžete připomenout níže i s prvním videem z mixtapu.

 Mixtape: Lady Leshurr „LYeah“

Videoklip: Lady Leshurr „Like A Winner“


Cover: Lady Leshurr  „LYeah“


Tracklist: Lady Leshurr  „LYeah“

01 Lady Leshurr – L Yeah!
02 Lady Leshurr Ft Paigey Cakey – LYFR
03 Lady Leshurr – Cool Story Bro
04 Lady Leshurr – In & Up
05 Lady Leshurr – I Will
06 Lady Leshurr – Alter Ego
07 Lady Leshurr – Every Man
08 Lady Leshurr – Upset
09 Lady Leshurr – Mind Blown
10 Lady Leshurr – Love My life
11 Lady Leshurr – Do You Miss Me
12 Lady Leshurr – Climax
13 Lady Leshurr – Stay Scheming
14 Lady Leshurr – Depression

Lyrics: Lady Leshurr  „LYeah“

Now let me get em where the intro starts
The big girl barks
Unleash the beast cus I’ve been so calm
I’ll give em the middle finger where the ring goes on
And they will get stamped on like a bingo card
Da da ding goes off
When I step inna the ring throw arms
I’m a veteran to these grown dogs
I ain’t settling for rings no cars
And its evident I’m big though small
What you think don’t talk
Any lyric written gets delivered in gold bars
Got a fizzy flow Vimto pop
I’m an elephant up in Noahs Arc
So don’t make a scene cus you ain’t never been Noel Clarke
I’m an animal
Any gyal il have em up
Drop em down grab em up
Hit em up jab em up
Mick Jagg em up Micheal Jackson em and bad em up
Cannibal I will just yam yam yam em up
Round of applause ting I will just clap em up
Don’t speak when I chat Apple Mac em up
Treat em like a hardrive I’m a have to back em up
Now I got everybody saying that they have had enough
I’m like a lightening bolt Usain
Who’s sane in this game like Hussein
Sadam I’m a madam a mad un and I am too cray
If you want to lie get your duvet
Say its your time well it’s too late
I just want to be free kinda like a few days
Want to teeth my style better bring your toothpaste
Cus you’re only gonna end up with a toothache
You’re only gonna end up with a toothache x2
Were real over here and them gyal are too fake
You’re only gonna end up with a toothache x2
With a toothache

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