Publikováno 12 května, 2014 | Autor: Riess Jiří


Fresh typografie #19

Sledujte již 19. díl seriálu Fresh typografie, který vám přináší to nejvíce fresh, co se děje na poli typografie.

Fresh typografie

Typography inspirationWe Set Sail - Iceberg by Velcro Suit(Adam Hill)NYC by Damian King

HEY HOI think this is really cool. This would be a good design for a division page with a good quote. LF @Mendi KelleyBaltic Circle — TstoFlow Festival — TstoBedow — Examples of Work — Identity, PolyesterSmitten MagazineBrace YourselfRise Above by Patrick CabralBeauty of Typography - supervisionTREIBSOUND by Serge WeibelTen/SEA Limited Edition Poster by SeptemberIndustryToday let's try and make something beautiful by Katlego PhatlanePaper planes by Yerevan DilanchianArt Fashion MusicCool Typography Installation using 48km of thread by Pae White at South London Gallerydesign : Philippe Apeloig        2005, Silkscreen, Sheet: 68 7/8 x 47 1/4” (175 x 120 cm)        Typographie : La Lorraine      Bold      2005raúl lázaro | my fav letter!4d typografie #telemarketingInfographicsLove integrating vintage wooden trays like this into home decorTip Instagram: Take a picture of different types of typographies. Share it with Instagram, add the hashtag #wlt or #welovetypo. Result: see all differente kind of people sharing the most amazing typographies that surround all of us everyday everywhere.Edge #Type #Typographytumblr_mzkoiiYir01qe2ei1o1_500.jpg (500×333)Teatrando / sergio alvesReally liking the bright colors and how it catches your eye. You can't help but look at it!Typography | Helvertical

Crossing the line

InsideOut SF Poster _ Brett Wickens & Jeremy Matthews, Ammunitionthis isn't happiness™ - photo caption contains external linkcreative-best-beautiful-typography-design  Nice technique. via #webneel inspirationPersonal Branding - stand out from the competition!Loom - identity developed for a handcrafted textiles retailer by Alter ( van grinderbeek by jo van grinderbeek, via BehanceB (via Friends of Type)letter T - Typographic Posters: Pawaiian Hunch by Ruth Vissing Photo

New School — Tsto

Although not packaging. Totally cool concept to describe what the best burger in the world should look like #cool design #food  #giantburgerDeze poster spreekt me erg aan. Het tastbare van 'het waterwerf effect' met daarin de contrasten van strakke lijnen en typografie. Mooie vorm van collage.cake typography (via Sweet Paul magazine)Allstar typografieTypografie inspiratie mix

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