Grafika Fresh typografie #16

Publikováno Říjen 23rd, 2013 | Autor: Riess Jiří


Fresh typografie #16

Nejnovější díl seriálu Fresh typografie přináší selekci pro všechny typo lovery, selekci skvělých typografických prací z celého světa.

Fresh typografie

Hi Typography InspirationSushi Magazine - Labyrinth Typography InspirationDress For The Crash, Live For The Ride by Jen MussariNIKE Laces Typography InspirationBusiness Cards Oh+Ah by Timo MeyerKill Love Sign by David M. Smithneo fractureThe Wire Poster ProjectThis Is The One"Vintage Signs" in 3D - TypeNew logo & identity for Perm Opera Ballet Theatre | Russia | Design: E. Kitayeva | 2012Typo - turnGraphic-Typo-SolutionsTP DURO font Typography Inspirationtypotypo_violetTypotypoTypo{Typeface Tuesday} Handcut Typography ; This is amazing and i love the typeface. ; It was on a blog.  I really like this pin because it shows a cool typeface, and great design skills.  However, I will say that the font that was chosen was hard to read.  But all in all, I think that this shows great design skills.#typography #poster #graphic #design | love the cutout instead of just a squared poster. I also love how they present this poster by having someone hold the poster to show its actual size.Freytag Anderson - The FableistsTypo! IdentityBoutique poster by mood/woodPeter-hammarstranRIKKE ELVERDAM 3D TYPOGRAPHYTypographyTypographyTypographyTypographyInteresting arrangement of words and fontsThe way the type is laid out is interesting looking!This was made by Chris Labrooy.  The way it's pieced together makes this look extremely graphic and temporary.  It's melting at the bottom and pooling on the floor.  The colors are vibrant.. - This new weight loss solution has solved all my problems. I lost about 23 pounds fast without changing my diet. I hope this changes some lives like it has changed mine. hcgtrim4summer.comEdge #Type #Typography #Typo #Calligraphy #Write #Writing #Letter #Lettering3D Typography by Clemens PoschDon't let life pass you byWWE typo / Minimal by Luis Amaro, via Behance/TypographytypoTypography Mania #134 | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials - via #typography #typografie #typostrate #typo #type #design #art #lettering #letter #graphic #grafik #visual #artwork #style #cool #hipster #faith #passion #beauty #packaging #product #fashion  #mode #moda #vogueThis is a visit London poster. I decided to chose this one because the typography used here makes this look like a cartoon sushi roll. I personally LOVE sushi so this was an easy pick. I would say this is discretely displayed because at first glance you wouldn't realize the text.30 Creative Examples of Typography Posters Design:

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